Nila Restaurant is just OK

Well, it’s a stretch to call Nila a restaurant. There’s nothing WRONG with it, but “restaurant” is stretching definitions, I think.

As one of the people I was there with said: “It reminds me of dining in Asia.”

It’s not a café, it’s not a bistro, so I’m not sure what to call it, so maybe “restaurant” will have to do.

It’s a little shopfront with a bain-marie at the front, a kitchen at the back and a few tables and chairs between.

We were there on a Groupon voucher which promised “2 entrees, 2 mains, 2 desserts from the set dinner menu”, which actually meant you got to choose the above from a tiny subset of the menu, and even some of the nominated selections weren’t available.

The food was OK, but nothing more, and the Nasi Goreng which was provided to the vegetarian in our group did look more like Chow Mein than any Nasi Goreng I’d ever seen.

The service was enthusiastic, if erratic, and the “desserts” were unbelievably tiny, and very non-descript.

it is pretty cheap, though.

Also, a terrible report on the state of the toilet, which was apparently disgusting. Not good enough.

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