Mission Café is well worth the visit

Mission Café is a newish café in Prahran which mixes good food with good works. At least 25 per cent of staff at The Mission Cafe staff are long term unemployed or come from disadvantaged backgrounds, apparently, while head chef Ben Roche worked with Jamie Oliver at Restaurant Fifteen where he employed and worked with apprentice chefs from under-privileged backgrounds. So I guess you can feel good about eating here, right, because you’re helping people :-)


We went on a voucher, as ever, and had no issue with booking or with how we were treated. The staff were excellent, as was the food.


The voucher said a couple of (5 Senses) coffees, but they were happy to substitute a couple of hot chocolates. Cha is the hot chocolate connoisseur, and declared them excellent. I did like it.


We both had the big breakfast, which was eggs (boiled, scrambled or poached), bacon, hash brown, mushrooms, tomato, baked beans (not tinned) and spinach, on either sourdough or multigrain bread.


We both had sourdough, and I had poached eggs. And they were poached really well. I had some poached eggs elsewhere last week that were really quite rubbery, but these were great. Not quite as good as the ones I had at Two Doors Down a few months ago, but very good none the less.


Cha had the scrambled eggs (also very good), and there was a lot of food there, and it was all very nice.


Had a chat to the manageress, and she was great.

Highly recommended.

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