Blue Train Cafe – they ran out of fries. And burgers.

There’s a reason the Blue Train Café is in the tourist precinct of Southbank – there’s no way it could compete with all the great eateries in Melbourne out in the real world, so gullible tourists who know nothing of our great food culture are the target demographic.

Given we went to the Blue Train on a $40 voucher ($110 worth of food/drinks), it was OK. But there’s no way it was worth anything like their regular prices, and we certainly won’t be going back.How on earth does a café run out of hamburgers at 6pm on a Sunday? And also run out of FRIES! Far out, you’d have sworn that was impossible. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that you then couldn’t get the Angus burger or the fish and chips, which were the only mains on the menu under $20.

Worse still, we were told that they often run out of these things on Sunday, as Monday is the ordering/delivery day, and they don’t want to over-order. Awesome, delivery of food once a week. Encouraging.

And it’s not like the food is all that nice. Three of us had ordered the Angus Burger, with a side of chips, and we ended up with a mini pizza, roast chicken breast, seared squid, and a Carbonara pasta, with some Roti with a peanut sauce and some vegetarian spring rolls as entrees. (Bonus points for saying the kids menu was “Strictly for children under 12!” and then in tiny letters at the bottom of the section saying that the pasta options were available in adult sizes. As well organised as everything else, it seems.)

The chicken was good, the Carbonara likewise, but the squid was horribly over-flavoured (competing rather than complementary flavours) and overcooked, while the pizza had a horrible base that looked like it had been bought from a supermarket and it was not all that tasty.

It was no real surprise that once they finally worked out how to work the cash register, they screwed up and tried to overcharge us.

That’s why we use vouchers, to investigate places. And learn our lesson. (And no, the voucher made no difference, we were treated like anyone else, the waitress didn’t even know we had a voucher.)

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