Sunkee House for quality before quantity

This is not the place to go if you just want to smash down large amounts of food, “all-you-can-eat” style.

This is where you go when you want to try some finely-prepared and beautiful-tasting Chinese food.

We went on a voucher, which offered a “TEN COURSE Chinese Banquet”, which is part of the problem with some of the reviews, I think. It would be stretching it a fair way to call it a banquet – they would have been far better off calling it a “Ten food Degustation experience” or similar, as it would describe it more accurately, and it would (hopefully) put off the all-you-can-eat crowd, as it seems they’re not the target demographic.

The service was mostly excellent – the maitre’d was conscientious about explaining what each dish was, and we had a good chat to him later in the evening about food, restaurants, Urbanspoon, etc. The waitress clearly spoke almost no English, so we didn’t get much out of her.

What we had to eat was great. we left feeling full, but not stuffed, which is the right way to be.

Lobster San Choy Bao. While it was presented very nicely, that presentation meant the lettuce was trimmed so far that eating it gracefully was very difficult. Great flavour.


Shanghai juice pork dumpling, Steamed Sea Scallop. Excellent presentation, and even I liked the flavour of the scallop, and I’m not really a seafood person. The dumpling was excellent.


Crabmeat sweetcorn soup – plenty of crabmeat, nice and hot, flavoursome. I love this soup, so it was good have it done well.


King St George Whiting with mushroom sauce – Ok, the fish was beyond tiny, but a good taste.
Wasabi king prawn – Good quality prawn and the Wasabi sauce was great, with more bite than I expected. The snow peas were also interesting.


Peking Duck pancake – nice, but nothing special.


Sichuan Pepper Chicken – good, but could have had some more bite.
Crispy Beef in Mandarin Sauce – loved this. Well cooked, great sauce.
Special Fried Rice – good flavour, plenty of prawns, etc.


Toffee Apple with ice cream – a terrific way to finish.


Recommended, but it’s for dining, not simply eating.

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