Richmond Public House – tres cool

We will be back.

We visited on Tuesday night (which is $18 steak night, we discovered, which makes it likely we’ll be back on a future Tuesday night :-).


Really nice ambience – muted lighting without being dim, and it filled up while we were there and got a nice buzz, but not anything approaching loud.


Don’t be put off by their toolish flash website – yes it’s trendy and completely user-unfriendly and wildly incomplete (and, as of 5am Saturday morning, down anyway), but the actual place is great. How places get sucked into buying these utterly appalling websites is beyond me and isn’t a good reflection on their business sense.


James, our waiter/barman, was excellent. He was extremely friendly (without being overbearing about it), and offered excellent advice on the food. Also, excellent at keeping the water filled up, as in he kept an eye on the levels and filled when needed. Great service.

Cha had Porterhouse steak with red wine butter, fat chips and green beans. I hadn’t seen the red wine butter before, but it was terrific, as were the chips. James did say the steak was very good on account of the owners of the restaurant also owning an abattoir, and he was right about the quality.


I had the “Roasted Duck Breast with Asian Greens and Duck and Mushroom Bean Curd Pastries” – I wanted to try the steak but figured I could do that when we go back on steak night. “Asian Greens” was really “Asian Green”, but it was good – really liked the pastries, they were something I hadn’t had before, and they worked well, while the duck had good flavour and the skin was nicely crispy.


On to dessert.

I had “Chocolate and Raspberry Jelly Délice”, and it was indeed delish. The chocolate was rich without being over the top, and the raspberry jelly was excellent and they worked well together.


Cha had the “Vanilla Panna Cotta with Caramelised Mango”. Yes, spot the mango in the image below – is it those red strips on the left?


Correct, there isn’t any. This was the only disappointment of the evening – Cha ordered “the Panna Cotta” but when it arrived it was accompanied by rhubarb, not mango. Seriously, who likes rhubarb? Craptacular stuff. We should have sent it back, but didn’t. The Panna Cotta was very nice, but still…

Overall, it was great, and it’s on our “return to” list.

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