Deceptive at best

If you were being very very kind, I guess you would call this “deceptive” by Zizzle. (It gets into this blog because they do a lot of food discount vouchers, so it’s a cautionary tale.)

This is on the front page of the site as I type this, and it’s just ludicrous – Pay $2, and get a discount of $139, a 99 per cent discount! Wow, awesome!

Except, of course, it’s not anything like true. In order to get the round of golf, you then have to pay another $69 to play during the week, or $79 on a weekend.


Here’s the page.


So if the value is $141, and you play on the weekend, the saving is actually 57 per cent, which is not quite 99 per cent, and you save $60, not quite $139.

As a further indication of their total lack of care/regard for the truth, further down the page it declares you’ll save $141 or $131 (presumably on the weekend). not $139 as above.

As I’ve said before, getting someone with a clue to write these things is a necessity, or they’ll end up with some serious repercussions for false advertising (not to mention actually having it make sense a lot of the time).

I’ve been very happy with most of my dealings with these discount voucher companies, but if this is an indication of where we’re going, it’s a bad sign.

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