2 Doors Down–go for brekkie, not the dinner

I highly recommend the “door slammer” breakfast at 2 Doors Down, it’s a cracker.

We sat outside for the brekkie – there seem to be  less smokers polluting things in the morning – and it was cool. The decor inside is also interesting, with doors all over the walls. More than two, though.

Less impressive than the breakfast is the dinner. We were the on a voucher, and, as Cha said: “they seem a bit snobby towards voucher users,” which isn’t something we’ve had at most places, and seems kinda strange for a place that has “meal deals” every weeknight.

They lose marks straight off the bat by refusing to substitute the included bottle of wine for any other drinks. “It’s factored into the cost of the voucher,” said the surly-looking manageress via the fairly-inexperienced waitress. Gee, really? And the cost of a couple of LLBs isn’t equivalent to the bottle of wine? Must be pretty dreadful wine, then. Good thing we don’t drink. (Yes, I know they’re within their rights. But other restaurants deal with this question in a smart way, not a dumb one.)

The voucher also entitled us to, in addition to the wine, a tasting plate (shared), a couple of mains, and either a chocolate mousse or tiramisu each to finish with.


The tasting plate was one of the less impressive we’ve had. Some uninspiring bread, some very mild salami, greyish prosciutto, a nice hummus-like dip, 4 little squares of fetta and some somewhat sad-looking olives. It was OK, but not all that good.

On to the mains.


Cha had the Beef Stroganoff – Slow braised beef, mushroom and onion, cooked in a mixed mustard gravy served on creamy mash potato with crusty
The seeded mustard made it interesting and different – I wouldn’t want it like that all the time, but it was intriguing.The mashed potato was also good, although it appears the crusty bread was withheld as a voucher tax. (As was a knife. Who thinks you can eat strog – with long strips of meat – with a fork and a spoon?)


I had the Grain-fed porterhouse, served medium rare, with roasted garlic potatoes topped with green beans and red wine jus. Despite the description, you can have it cooked how you like, not just medium-rare. As ever, though, I ordered it medium rare. Was it medium rare? Despite being described as such and ordered as such, no it wasn’t. It was somewhat overcooked and a bad cut, with the grain running in all directions. The potatoes were nice, as was the jus.


Finally, the desserts. We both had the chocolate mousse, as neither of us like coffee. Cha was happy with it – it’s chocolate, right? – but I thought it was quite gritty and not smooth. Quite chocolaty, though.

So, in summary – go there for breakfast, I reckon, not dinner. Here’s what I wrote on Urbanspoon after went there for brekkie: Went here for breakfast, and was impressed. As a general rule I don’t particularly like eggs, but the poached eggs I had were excellent. We both had the “Door Slammer ($15.90) Poached eggs served on toast with house made baked beans, mushrooms, tomato, hash brown, bacon and sausage.” Excellent bread as well, bacon thick and well-cooked, plenty of mushrooms. Nice use of vinegar in the poaching of the eggs.

2 Doors Down on Urbanspoon

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