Sep 25

Salt & Vinegar Potatoes



  • Potatoes (I use Sebago or Royal Blue for preference, but YMMV)
  • Vinegar – 1 cup or so (I just pour it out of the 2l bottle), and some for drizzling


  • Add vinegar to saucepan
  • Chop potatoes into (approx.) 1cm cubes. This is really vague, just don’t make the segments too big or too small, that’s what we’re after here


  • Put potatoes in saucepan
  • Add water to cover potatoes


  • Gently boil potatoes for 35 minutes or so. This time will vary depending on how hard you boil them, but the goal here is to overboil them so they’re quite soft and starting to get mushy


  • Drain potatoes
  • Put potatoes in hot frying pan with some high-smoke-point oil (canola, rice bran, etc.)
  • Ensure there’s always some oil in the pan, you don’t want the potatoes on a dry pan
  • Keep flipping them regularly until they look cooked and have something of a crust (20 minutes or so?) I work on the chaos theory method of flipping – I flip them, but don’t take much notice of how they end up, given I’m flipping them often enough to get all surfaces cooked pretty well


  • Transfer potatoes to plate, drizzle with vinegar. Top with Himalayan Rock Salt or similar

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Jun 02

HotMixPro @ Foodservice Australia

Drifted along to the Foodservice Australia exhibition in Carlton today. (Yes, it’s for the trade only, but they let media in as well, it seems :-)

Great to see Stewart there, directing things imperiously in the kitchen with an Easy and a Gastro and a multitude of jugs being managed by a couple of chefs.

It’s a really good show – my wife was a bit dubious about heading out there (it’s in Carlton, so we just walked from home) but it was far better than some of the consumer ones (Good Food and Wine Show, anyone?) we’ve been to in recent years.


Giant Cha with an awesome gelato she scabbed up.


Might head back tomorrow to watch some of the demonstrations (and take the real camera).

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Apr 10

Thermomix owners or Scientologists?

Yeah, it gets pretty hard to tell with a lot of TMX owners. Here’s an example from FB:

OK Guys – I’m on a desperate mission here and I would REALLY appreciate your input.
On another page there is a lady named Suzi and she has posted saying: “Does anyone know of someone who wants to buy my thermo ….unfortunately I just don’t use it…. Veroma has never been used”

I replied on the post with:

“Suzi may I strongly urge you to reconsider your decision to sell. PLEASE do yourself a favour! Once you get into the habit of using it you will wonder why you ever thought to sell it. Please get in touch with your consultant and I’m sure she will be able to get you off and running. Also get yourself off to one of our cooking classes as you will really be inspired there and finally please get on to my facebook page ThermoFun where there is so much chat and inspiration being shared.”

My replies (along with a few others) trying to convince her to keep it, sadly, appears to not be working… I am just sooooo passionate about the Thermomix that I really would love you to all encourage Suzie not to sell it.

Thanks everyone for your help – the thought of Suzie selling has preoccupied my thoughts for a few hours now and I feel really sad and at a frustrated loss as to how I can convince her to keep it.

“desperate mission”? “how I can convince her to keep it”?

Seriously, if it’s not for her, it’s not for her, why all the melodrama?

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